Experiment: Part II- Michelle

I had the opportunity to interview another American female, so I jumped at the chance. In the same manner as the previous entry, I will be posting her comments followed by own.

Second Reviewer: Michelle

Model 1


  1. Large eyes are nice
  2. Eyes a bit too wide
  3. Sleek, flat stomach
  4. Boobs too small
  5. Prominent collar bones are attractive
  6. Slim legs, but not too boney
  7. Delicate, feminine shoulders

Model 2


  1. Boobs are shapely, but not too big
  2. Eyes a good distance apart
  3. Smile is white and warming
  4. Legs are strong, they are a bit big, but toned
  5. Bum is slim
  6. Feet are usually not that attractive

Model 3


  1. Eyes are BEAUTIFUL in both color (striking blue) and shape
  2. High cheek bones are gorgeous
  3. Full luscious lips
  4. Hair is absolutely beautiful
  5. Great chest…nice line from collarbone to boobs.  Boobs are a bit too big
  6. Tummy is flabby, not attractive
  7. Legs are strong and toned…bigger than I prefer

My Insights:

  1. This was a great contrast to the previous commenter who focused more on the comparisons between industry and real life. In this review, it was easier to see how much attention can be paid by one girl to another. There is this saying that women dress for each other instead of for their men, and I think this was a good example of that idea.
  2. Throughout the comments, it is also easier to see the effects of media on women. While the first commenter believed that Model 1 was too thin, Michelle had a much more positive opinion of Model 1’s body over Models 2 and 3.
  3. Even though she didn’t put it in her comments, Michelle actually noticed that Model 3 had a bigger second toe than big toe in the picture, this just reinforces my first comment.

Next: Brandon


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