Experiment: Part III- Brandon and Conclusion

I believe that this next review is the most critical part of this entire experiment. Now, we will be able to see the differences between the opinions of men and women when it comes to American female beauty.

Third Reviewer: Brandon

Model 1


1. I like her defined cheekbones
2. Her chest is a little too small for me
3. Her face is kinda strange…but she has nice lips– they are full
4. She’s too skinny with no curves.
5. She has a strangely long neck that looks unnatural


This girl is plain– the definition of magazine beauty, blah.

Model 2


1. I love her full smile; you can tell her smile is real by looking at her eyes
2. She has some weight, and it doesnt look llike a stiff wind will blow her over. I like that she is a more accurate portait of American women. She doesn’t look like a Barbie doll.
3. Even though I notice that she has stretch marks, it doesn’t take away from her overall beauty


She looks comfortable in her own skin.

Model 3


1. Confidence is really showing through in her stance and her eyes
2. Her hair also makes her look confident and shows that she feels attractive
3. Comfortable enough with herself to pose. She looks real.
4. I noticed that the last girl has stubby feet and that her second toe is longer than the first, but it doesn’t affect how beautiful I think she is overall.


She is definitely not following the stereotype of beauty portrayed by most American women. She is showing that you dont have to be skinny to be beautiful.

My Insights:

  1. While neither of the girls were overly critical of the models, with this you can clearly see the contrast between men and women. First, there was a greater focus on the overall look of each woman rather than details.
  2. Also, beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but Brandon did not find the first model attractive at all regardless of industry standards, while the women had a more positive opinion of Model 1.
  3. Many of his comments were focused on how the physical appearance related to their personality, especially the idea of confidence. On the other hand, fewer of these ideas were communicated with the females.
  4. However, he did also notice details like stretch marks and how the second toe on Model 3 is bigger than the first toe, but he also emphasized the idea that it didn’t take away from the model’s overall beauty
  5. While this was only the opinion of one man, it does at least prove that while media focuses on telling women to look better and younger for men- this may actually be a self made industry marketing scheme because there are men out there who look for more than good looks in the person they want to be with

~ by tanyaw on May 12, 2010.

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