1940s- Women During WWII

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie was an iconic female figure of the 1940s during one of the most brutal wars in modern history that killed millions. As men went off to fight, there was a huge push for women to fill these industrial jobs. Examples included steel plants, lumbar mills, and shipyards. Around 6 million women signed up for their new roles, and from 1940 to 1945 women in the workforce increased from 25%-36%.

Even as women stepped up to their new demands, their life just became more arduous and difficult. Now, in addition to taking care of her kids during the day, she would work at night. But at the same time, women experienced social and economic mobility for the first time and gained a true taste of independence.

In the 1940s, being beautiful meant supporting the cause, having pride in being American, and working hard to support the family.

Other important historical facts for women during this decade:

  • 1942- Congress authorizes women to serve in the US Navy
  • 1943- All-American Girls Professional Baseball League is founded
  • 1945- The United Nations is established; Eleanor Roosevelt is appointed as a U.S. delegate.

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